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Fishing the 4.8" JP Hammer Shad by Mike Bowler – Powerteam Lures.com


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 Is it possible for one rig to have the wobble of a stickbait along with the action and sound of a jerkbait? If it was possible, could that bait go to the lengths of being able to skip easily and not get hung up on structure or snag weeds? Could I take that rig one step further and add some scent into the mix that would last?
For years I’ve been trying to answer these questions with one rig. Finally I’ve found the solution. This rig will drop flat while wobbling in a way that drives the bass nuts. It can be worked like a jerkbait which gets the beads going, and that little bit of sound can really set the bass off. Mixing this with a little bit of scent, really makes this rig a go to for putting fish in the boat!
The materials that I’m using for this rig are…
1)      PowerTeam 4.8” JP Hammer Shad with Hog Tonic Scent
2)      5/0 EWG Trokar Hook
3)      3mm Bass Pro Shops XPS Glass Worm Rattles
4)      1/32 oz Ultra Tungsten Nail Weights
As for the gear I’m using to provide a great presentation…
1)      Rod – 7’1” Gloomis GL2 JWR Medium-Heavy Spinning Rods
2)      Reel – 2500 Shimano Stradic FJ Spinning Reel
3)      Main Line – Power Pro 20lb Test – High Vis Yellow
4)      Leader – 17lb Maxima Fluorocarbon
By using the GLoomis GL2 JWR paired up with the Shimano Stradic FJ featuring X-Ship, the rod gives me both the feel to detect subtle bites along with the power to pull bass out of structure. I tie my 20lb Power Pro main line to my 17lb Maxima Leader using a Double-Uni knot. I then tie my 17lb Maxima Leader to the 5/0 Trokar using a Polymar knot. I then cut the Polymar knot leaving a tab end approximately 1/8” long which will act as a holder for the bait when rigged.
Now for rigging the bait…

1)      Insert the glass rattle on a 45 degree angle towards the tail, starting slightly behind the eyes of the JP Hammer Shad. 

2)      Insert the tungsten nail weight on a 45 degree angle towards the tail, starting on the first slotted ring that wraps around the JP Hammer Shad.
3)      Insert the 5/0 Trokar EWG into the nose of the JP Hammer Shad approximately ¼” then out of the bottom of the JP Hammer Shad’s nose and pull the bait all the way up to the eye of the hook. 
4)      Insert the hook straight through the bait at the furthest point of the slot on the top of the bait that runs from the head towards the tail. Pull the hooks point flush in this slot and bury the hook point a slight bit. 

When rigged properly, this bait will react amazing. The action you can get out of this rig mixed with the sound and Scent of the PowerTeam Hog Tonic will put fish in the boat in just about every condition.
I use this rig in a number of situations. One being when fishing shallow rock piles or shorelines that a drop shot would just get hung up and a Jerkbait would just plow into the bottom collecting debris. I will cast into the shallow water allowing the bait to slowly sink then twitch it from time to time. I also will use it similar to a jerkbait giving it a variety of jerks then just letting it sit and work the bait back to the boat really slowly. I’ll also use it for skipping under docks and low hanging trees or fallen timber. The PowerTeam JP Hammer Shads are really durable and can be abused quite a bit before having to swap baits. I rarely get hung up on the structure and have the ability to bounce the bait around on the structure which often generates the strike of the fish.
I find using the High-Vis Yellow Power Pro line will help me indicate a lot of strikes. As the bait will sink slowly, you have to be watching your line for ever twitch. Being that there is virtually no stretch in the line, you can get powerful and lightning fast hook sets!
Next time you’re on the water, try this out and I’m sure that this technique will become a staple in your tackle box!Article Contributed by: 
Mike Bowler
Mike Bowler

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