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Bluefin Eyewear – Why anglers should wear polarized glasses – By Mark Bilbrey


Bluefin Eyewear – Why anglers should wear polarized glasses


We have seen anglers wearing polarized glasses since the early days of professional bass fishing, and there are some good reasons. Over the years just as lure, rods, reels and techniques have evolved for sport fishing so has the evolution of polarized lens technology. Fashion and image are important factors to some anglers, while others want to obtain an advantage by seeing structure and even fish. Many anglers wear them for eye protection as well. As with all products, technology, research and development, marketing along with supply and demand has caused the price to fluctuate of the needed eyewear that anglers rely on. In this generation we have seen extremely expensive glasses and we have seen the prices began to drop due to competition and manufacturing productivity. However regardless of cost, the polarized sunglasses have become important parts of an anglers gear for safety as well as productivity while on the water. 

image_1.jpeg  Anglers expect a lot from their eyes, and the burden of glare causes the eyes to strain in order to see well. Wearing Polarized sunglasses will reduce or eliminate this strain, cut the impact of harsh glare and eliminate the need to squint. This reduction of glare is the advantage of polarized glasses. Polarized sunglasses also offer protection against serious exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV). With the reflective glare eliminated, anglers can see into the water. This gives anglers the edge for sight fishing and for safety by being able to see objects such as a log or a rock below the surface. Anglers that buy inexpensive non-polarized glasses miss out on this innovation to fishing. Low end glasses are known to distort vision and affect clarity. They are designed only to reduce glare or shade the eyes. Anglers that buy lesser quality glasses end up not wearing them at all, which not only cost them fish but puts them in danger of damaging their boat, or injuring themselves or even getting a hook in the eye. All are good reasons glasses should be worn on the water.

wo.png Quality lenses provide clarity and will filter light allowing you to see deeper into the water. The problem in the past with obtaining quality glasses was the cost. The price alone has kept many anglers from enjoying the benefits of polarized glasses. Until recently a low cost meant lesser quality eyewear. The old adage, “you get what you pay for” definitely applied to these products. Technology and manufacturing practices have greatly improved quality as well as reduced the price of these tools of the trade.

photo_16.JPG The cost = quality factor no longer applies and one company in particular is proving this in volume, Bluefin Eyewear. For a fraction of the cost of other polarized sunglasses Bluefin has made them available to fit the budget of almost every angler. “The amount of science and technology that goes into making a pair of quality polarized fishing sunglasses is incredible. Modern high-end glasses are a combination of components that have been refined through bioengineering, anthropometry (design based on human physical characteristics), and quantum electrodynamics”. Says Steve McDaniel

1002588_614761421878129_1818713900_n.jpg The polarized sunglasses from Bluefin Eyewear incorporate decades of research and development in optical innovation, and this technological evolution has led to ground-glass and thermoplastic polymer lenses that enable anglers to see farther and deeper with clearer resolution than ever before. Polarized glasses have become gear that no fisherman should be without a pair. The innovative design has a entirely new feature of a swivel leg, that provides unbelievable comfort and reduces headaches from pressure to the temples.

 As people spend more time outdoors, the chance of potentially harmful effects of sunlight increases. Team Bilbrey Fishing encourages everyone to seek protection from the sun. Sunscreens and protective clothing are a good start to protect your skin, many of us forget to protect our eyes and quality polarized sunglasses like these from Bluefin Eyewear do a wonderful job protecting you and they make you look cool as well.  

Happy Fishing!

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