The Rod Condom – Protection for your Rod


506.JPG Just as you protect yourself, anglers need to protect their investment in their fishing rods. Many anglers do not consider fishing rod protection until it is too late. Broken tips, broken guides, rods tangled together, all can be prevented t by placing a protective sleeve  and The Rod Condom offers Protection for your Rod priced at only $4.50 these hand crafted fishing rod cover are made of braid with both ends dipped in a rubber compound for long lasting durability. This coating prevents un-stitching and fraying and best of all the Rod Condom will float!

  With a variety of sizes and eight colors of material and 4 end colors to choose from any tournament angler can match their colors of their jersey and wrap giving a true professional look on and off the water.  

What is so unique about the Rod Condom?


-Each condom has the size labeled on the rod cover

-Both ends dipped in a rubber compound 

-Feature that allows it to float like NO other

-Foam on spinning rod condom provides added protection for rod tip

-Custom crafted to each rod size

-Condom will cover down near lure catch

-Comes in 8 colors and 4 colored ends to choose from

-Beveled entry for easy handling and guiding

-Condom is made to fit so there is NO excess material

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