Thinkin’ bass when it’s 15 below – By Kevin VanDam


Thinkin’ bass when it’s 15 below

We’ve just experienced the coldest and snowiest week of winter that I’ve seen since I was a teenager.On one hand, it was fun to hang with my teenage boys who were home for three days because school was cancelled.But when school is cancelled in Michigan, you know the weather is bad. How bad?

 We got about 30 inches of snow in three days, and it was very difficult to get around. It was -15 degrees outside while I spent 3½ hours on the snow blower and plow. The wind was blowing 25 mph, which pushed the wind chill down to -45 and created massive drifts. Today, as I look at my driveway toward the county road, there’s snow piled 5 feet high.

So why do I live in Michigan? Mainly because our family loves the outdoors and enjoy the four seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter that we experience here.


And, of course, I’d argue we have the best smallmouth bass fishing in the world, and that comes from having diverse lakes, cooler seasons and less fishing pressure.


Some of us fish late into the fall and are back out when the ice thaws in spring, but there’s about four months of open water when there’s very little fishing pressure on the thousands of lakes we have here. So, in that respect, our lakes get a break and I think that helps our fishing.


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