Friday, May 24, 2024

Smithwick Releases Elite 8 Jerkbait by: Jason Sealock


Smithwick had a hand in the growing popularity of jerkbaits for bass fishing and the last couple of years they’ve been active again introducing the Perfect 10 last season and now the Elite 8 this season. The new Elite 8 is said to feature the same great characteristics that made the original Rattlin’ Rogues staples in bass fishing decades ago. But the new Elite 8 dives quicker and deeper to 8 feet while also featuring a new one knocker tungsten rattle for a deeper and different sounding jerkbait. The bait suspends but is said to get to depth a lot faster than some jerkbaits. These jerkbaits will be debuted at the Classic next week.

Smithwick Elite 8 Jerkbait for bass fishing


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