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Giving up to Soon… By Bruce Callis




The Bassmaster Classic is in the books now. Randy Howell is the new champion. A man that listened to an inner voice had the day of his life. Say what you will, but I believe that God sent him a message and he truly listened. How many times do we listen?
And the big question is where were all the big bags Guntersville has been giving up? Local tournaments have been giving up multiple 30 plus pound bags. Everyone was talking about this being the Classic to set many records. So what happened? Did they just suddenly go hiding deep in holes where they have never been?
Lipless crankbaits have been the big bait in those tournaments. So what happened? Did they give up on the bait that has been doing the damage too fast? Bass anglers tend to give up on certain baits too fast. Sometimes it’s a good move and other times, well, let’s just say, they missed the bite. I personally would have stuck to the lipless. Now I do love to throw some many other lures, but a lipless can just be dynamite.
I’m not sponsored by anyone, so I’m not going to get stuck throwing just one type and one action. No two lipless crankbaits work the exact same way. The wobble can be tighter on one, and a little more erratic on another. One makes a certain noise, and one is more a clacking sound. It’s about finding the right sound and action that the bass want. I’ve gone through 5 different types looking for the right bait. Then I worked my way through color after color to find just the right one that would work. And retrieve speed and depth that can be a hassle to figure out, but it’s not rocket science, or is it?
Sure all of the anglers knew about what had been happening on the lake before they got there, they are very tech savoy. The internet and Facebook are full of great information. Anglers love to brag about their catches and what they use, I know I do. And I am always willing to share what is working for me. Granted, I can tell them the exact bait and color, even the exact method I used, but it is still up to them to put all the pieces together where they are on their body of water. Yes, a lipless has been working great for me too. I shared that information with my fellow anglers. No surprise they went out and put the information to good use. They made adjustments, even using different colors and actions.
So why didn’t the pros use this valuable information to catch those 30 pound limits every day? Or did they just give up too soon?

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Robert Moreno
i think that some don’t go with local knowledge from locals just because
they believe they have the lures they think… the fish want. i
believe they knew what was suppose to be catching em. the anglers that
caught large sacks told others that lipless cranks were doing the
job,but some ignored  their comments thinking it was to throw them
off?? Ive talked with some anglers at an Elite series and they were
like you don’t know jack..then when they didn’t make the cut were like,
maybr i should of listened.

Phillp rider
I dot think they gave up just lost sight of what worked for them,randy
howell did lose that sight just set in motion to do what he never done
,win the championship!!!

They just didn’t throw what the big boys wanted. I always tend to fish
the colors that represent the bait in the lakes. But I would of thrown
more swim baits not lipless I’ve fished lipless and I tend to bag more
smallies. But good article.

Charles Morrison

sounds like the locals put the hurt on the fish before the tournament
on our River Lake Dardanelle Arkansas River too much pressure shut
them off quick lipless crankbaits are hey very good year for early
spring but when everyone is throwing them the fish Get Smart quick my


I think that I tend to be more on the side of…mentally, they are
throwing what they are most confident in, as most anglers do,
professional or not. I always like to try to throw something different
from everyone else. Obviously if they are drilling a lipless bait, and
I cant get bit on the swim bait, im gonna pick up the lipless bait.
Especially with the pressure this place got for the months leading up
to the classic…everyone knows what works and what doesn’t, but when
Everyone is throwing a spring colored crawfish ‘trap, I am going to
pick up the swimbait for a bit.

all in all, great read, Bruce! I just think it is all about a
confidence bait, and in the bassmaster classic people want to throw
what they know best and gives them the best chance to win $500,000
bucks! I don’t think anyone truly gave up on any one bait.

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