Saturday, June 22, 2024

Sitting on a porch with Denny Brauer – By Don Barone –


Sitting on a porch with Denny Brauer

Don Barone

“And I’m a thankful man…”

Dateline:  Shreveport sunset


Let me explain how I’ve come to do things now that I have somehow managed to survive long enough in the biz to come to that stage called, “the twilight of my career.”

For a quarter of a century, I was a crime reporter/investigative producer, won a bunch of hardware including the New York Festival World Medal for Investigative Journalism.

You just don’t fall into that stuff.

Being an Investigative Reporter/Producer involved incredible amounts of background work. I would say it was 60/40 preparation…60% of my work involved getting ready for the story…getting ready meaning basically knowing all the answers to the questions that I was asking.

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