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Is Kerr Lake Coming Back? By Jason Houchins



Is Kerr Lake Coming Back?
In the last few years I have heard people say that this lake is on a comeback. I have totally disagreed over and over again, year after year. I live here and see the good and the bad throughout a season and every year I see someone come here for a few days during the week, catch a bunch of fish, and proclaim the glory days are here again. The recent bouts with LBV (Largemouth Bass Virus), the constant water fluctuation, introduction of blue back herring, and spraying/controlling of grass are more than just a couple of things that are going against the largemouth population. Gone are the old days in the 90s when I guy can come here during the first week of June and load the boat with 2-3 pounders on any point. Or are they?
This year in the first two months of actual tournaments on this lake, I have seen some of the largest 5 fish limits I have seen in a long time. In the two largest team trails held on the upper end of the lake, there have been four events total. Of those four events all have taken over 20 lbs to win, one took almost 22! Now on the Carolina side there have been a few CATT events and all but one of those have taken over 20 lbs to win! This is the first time in a long time it has taken this much to win consistently. You always see a few events when a freak bag is weighed in, but not consistently. Also the check line has really increased as well, it seems to take 14 lbs plus to get you in the money. The first Angler’s Choice tournaments held were the first week of April and drew 227 teams Saturday and 170 teams Sunday, both events took over 14 lbs to be in the money. That means that over fifty teams caught more than 14 lbs in that two day span, that is awesome for this lake.
Well I have really started thinking more positive because the beginning of this season. I definitely think that just maybe we are on the upswing as many have proclaimed, and the numbers don’t lie. Without question there is an increase in tournament weights and an increase in larger fish overall. The total average seems to have really picked up as well, with a 3 lb. fish being very common so far this year. I really pay attention to this stuff and can be pretty accurate, considering I live on the lake and know most of the tournaments that are going on. It’s not hard to ask around and talk to all of the guys we fish with, everyone is seeing it and hoping it continues. I hope I’m not jumping the gun and speaking prematurely about this but I feel pretty strong this could be the real deal. Now do I think Kerr will ever get back to its hay day? I have no idea, and really who is to judge? I do know that the lake has been better in the first two months than in recent years and that is a good thing. I can only hope and pray that it continues, and only time will tell if Kerr Lake is coming back.

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