Sunday, December 3, 2023

Duo Realis G-Fix Vibration Tungsten Lipless Crankbait by: Jason Sealock



Every now and then I have those special days with a new product that makes reviewing new fishing tackle a lot of fun. I had one of those days with the new Duo Realis G-Fix Vibration Tungsten Lipless Crankbait during my review on the first use of the bait in the spring prespawn period.

Duo sent me a couple of the baits in shad pattern to try. I took them out the first day just to check castability, durability, usability and the usual stuff you want to know when you first get a new fishing lure. What ensued was a beat down, much of which was caught on film. I wish I had more of the fish on film to show off, but I was playing with a new camera and thought it was recording several times when it really wasn’t. But I got enough on film to show you how well the lipless bait worked.

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