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Flipping a jig is something I have developed a love for. I’ve learned that if you’re going to get fish out of heavy cover you need a jig with a strong hook and a stout weed guard. Today I will explain to you what makes the V&M Pacemaker Adrenaline Jig an awesome choice for flipping shallow cover with a jig.

First thing I look at in a flipping jig is the hook. To me that is the heart of a good jig and everything else should be built around it. The V&M Adrenaline Flipping Jig has a strong custom made 5/0 VMC hook. It’s a hook that can handle the fight a big fish can produce without coming unbuttoned. Where the hook and head meet, V&M put a large keeper to hold your trailer in place while bringing your bait in and out of heavy cover. It also helps keep the trailer from getting pulled to the bend of the hook and robbing you from a good hook set.

Another thing that helps the hook is the 30 degree recessed line tie. Without a big line tie getting in the way, it gives the hook the opportunity to bury into the fish and not the line tie. The recessed line tie also keeps grass from getting caught up between it and the jig head to prevent snags. The jig head itself is mostly flat on the bottom with a small portion being concave. This makes the jig standup on the bottom and look like a crawfish in a defensive position.


The sturdy weed guard helps prevent the hook from getting caught on limbs from a lay down or stump, yet limber enough to allow for good hook penetration when you set the hook. The skirt is held on with a band with two keepers for rattles. The jig comes with one rattle on it and an eye for another one, if you feel you need the extra noise. The rattles are positioned in such a place to allow them to contact cover and make noise.

The V&M Pacemaker Adrenaline Jig comes in four sizes: 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, and 3/4. Of the 12 colors available, black blue, tequila, and black brown amber are my personal favorites.

I hope I’ve peeked your interest in the V&M Pacemaker Adrenaline Jig and you can purchase these jigs from Tackle Warehouse and V&M at www.bayououtdoors.com.

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