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“That water is clear…”


Dateline:  Can’t tell ya

It has come down to this,

I have way-pointed… a plant.

There is a lily pad out there with my name on it.

Now before we get too far into this tale I must make you aware of some of the parameters of this here story since it is a pure fishing story, and I’m telling it from the POV of an angler, me, I must, rightfully, give you full disclosure on the inner workings of angler storytelling:

  • Some, but not quite all of this story, are lies.
  • What ain’t lies may in fact be some stretching of the truth.
  • What ain’t stretching of the truth may in fact be exaggerations.
  • And in fact in re-telling this story over the years both me and the bass will be gaining weight.
  • And when I up and pass away my children will tell my grandchildren of their Granddaddy’s damn-near Connecticut State Record Bass.

Just so you know upfront-like.

I also won’t be givin’ you any details I don’t want to give you, that’s fair in angling storytelling, but I will, being a trained journalist, give you those four or five “W” things that I was taught every story has to have.  Here goes:

  • WHO:  Me, and my buddy, Dr. Mac.
  • WHAT:  Not saying, see paragraph above
  • WHERE:  None of your business, see ‘graph see.
  • WHEN:  Maybe, yesterday, maybe not.
  • WHY:  Frankly I’m not sure.
  • HOW:  See WHY above.

Okay, now we can do this, my first angler storytellin’ with me actually holding a pole and flinging fish catching stuff every-which-way in the hopes there is one bass left on this planet that hasn’t had fishing catching stuff flung his/her way.

Comes, WHOOSH…

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