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Lake Anna Lake Report fore July 2014 by Chris Craft



CCBASSN GUIDE SERVICE is offering an EARLY BIRD TOP WATER TRIP for the months of June, July and August on Monday, Thursday and Friday only . These trips will be 3 hour outings for 1 or 2 anglers and will be TOP WATER only. The rate for the EARLY BIRD TRIPS are $125!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .BASS– Most of the bass in the lake have made their move to deeper water for the summer in the Mid and Down lake regions. Look for them on deep brush piles, bridge pilings and rock piles in the middle of the day. Early and late in the day, some of them will move up to feed on the many bait fish pods in the lake, but the majority of them will stay in deep water and feed. You can catch them on crankbaits, Texas and Carolina rigged plastics and Shakey Head plastics. One of my favorite crank baits is the Luck E Strike Rick Clunn Freak. This shovel lip deep diver will get to its maximum depth faster than any other crank bait that I have thrown.This is the time of year when up lake can be great for the early top water bite. Look for fish to be around the Willow Grass and on long shallow points. Cast Damiki MTB Buzz Baits to them and hold on!!! The last week of June my clients and myself caught five fish over 5 pounds, 6 fish between 4 and 5 pounds and countless fish in the 2- 4 pound range, ALL IN 9 HOURS OF FISHING!!! Once the top water action has slowed down, start looking for the thickest Willow Grass you can find and boat docks. Start pitching 1/2oz jigs and creature baits. Fishing gets slow when the sun gets high in the sky, but it can be very rewarding!!!! Fish Tales has the only line up of Damiki Baits in the area! They have every color in the MTB Noisy Buzz Baits in both 3/8 and 1/2 ounce. The NEW AIR FROG is getting some attention from me and a few other anglers as well. This unique Buzz Frog is larger than most frogs that folks are using on the lake. It measures 4 inches long, is approx 2 inches wide and 
1 1/4 inches thick. It is about 3 inches or so wide at the paddles, what this translates to is……….. BIG BAIT = BIG FISH!!!! 

The Air Frog has a hollow body with a foam insert, so it can be fished with a twitch, twitch, pause cadence! The best hook to get the job done is the Owner 6/0 Beast hook. 

In addition to the Buzz Baits and Air Frogs, they also have the D-Pop popping bait and the Rambler walking bait. Stop on by Fish Tales and get a demo from me and see them in action for yourself. 


STRIPER- The Lineside’s are headed in FULL BLOWN SUMMER pattern NOW. You can find them feeding on the surface early in the morning from the 208 bridge up to Stubb’s Bridge on the Pamunkey arm and up to the Holiday Bridge on the North Anna arm. Popping baits, Walking baits and soft jerkbaits are all great choices. My favorite is a Cotton Cordell Broken Back Redfin. Just wake the bait under the surface and hold on, the strikes are usually very violent. After the morning feed is over, look for them with your electronics. Once you find the school, you can catch the by vertical jigging Toothache Spoons, Damiki Vault’s and Damiki Vortex Blade Baits.

Trolling is also in FULL SWING. Deep Diving Redfin’s with a bucktail trailer, DD22’s in Chart/Blue back and BPS LEC15’s in Chart/Blue and XXX Shad are all great trolling baits. One little trick that I do with the DD22’s and LEC15’s are to add a “FLUKE KILLER” bucktail trailer to them. The “FLUKE KILLER” is a weightless bucktail with a spinner blade in front of it.

Live Bait is also working well for the anglers wanting to fish that way. Store bought large or jumbo shiners will work but, the native bait in the lake will be a better choice if you can get up early enough and throw a cast net. Go to Stubbs Bridge, 208 bridge or Holiday Mill Bridge and hang a lantern to attract the Blue Back Herring to it. Remember, that as the water temps get warmer, the striper will “GIVE UP THE GHOST” rather quickly. Once you have your limit (20″ minimum- 4 per person) PLEASE DO NOT not continue to catch and release them. Even though they may swim off right after the release, most will dye for the stress of being caught.

CRAPPIE- The Specks are in their summer haunts at this time. Look for them under deep boat docks, around bridge pilings and brush piles. Small minnows rigged on jig heads or slip bobber’s will be your best bet to catch a cooler full of these tasty morsals.

Lake LevelFull Pool

Water Temps
Dike 3- 84-88 degrees
Mid lake- 83-86 degrees
Up Lake- 84-88 degrees

Down Lake-  Clear
Mid Lake- Mostly Clear
Up Lake- Moderate Stain



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CCBASSN Guide Service
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