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Spro Brozneye Series Frogs Review – By Bobby Saffel


Spro Brozneye Series Frogs Review

As the boat comes off pad and settles in the water, surrounding it are thousands of lily pads. You can hear bream sucking the bottom of the pads and can see the occasional swirl amongst them. You fire out your frog to the center of the pad field. Your heart starts racing as you slowly twitch your frog, knowing that any second, one will hone in on it like a heat seeking missile. A few more twitches and an explosion happens unlike anything you’ve ever seen. There’s now a hole in the middle of the pad field that you could drive a Mack truck through and your line is zipping off to the right. You reel down until you feel the fish and set the hook so hard you think the rods going to snap under the pressure. As you’re fighting the fish you’re hoping she doesn’t come off. She comes through one cluster of pads only to get caught in another. Finally she makes it to the boat and you reach down to lip her and she weighs so much that you’re straining to lift her into the boat. These are the kind of bites you can have on the frog. In this review, we will discuss what makes the Spro Bronzeye Series an excellent choice for any style of frog fishing you prefer.
The Spro Brozneye Series comes in six styles: the Bronzeye Jr, 65, King Daddy, Baby Pop, Pop 60, and the Bronzeye Shad. Each style of frog has a place where it shines. The Bronzeye Jr, 65, and King Daddy are good heavy cover frogs for fishing lily pad and hydrilla mats, it can also be walked in open water with a little practice. The Bronzeye Baby Pop and Pop 60 are good all around frogs. They can be worked in pad fields with much success and open water. The popping frogs can spit and chug when worked, and can walk the dog with little spitting action. The Bronzeye Shad is an excellent for open water frog fishing. It walks effortlessly with an amazing gliding action. All of these frogs have a specific place. I’m my experience, there’s times when the fish will destroy anything you put in front of them and then there’s times when they want one particular bait style and shape. If your not getting the bites you want and you believe bigger fish are in the area, you may want to experiment with different styles until you find one you’re happy with.
The hooks are an important feature in a good frog. It’s essentially what determines whether or not you get that big fish in the boat. All of the Bronzeye Series frogs come equipped with super sharp Gamakatsu EWG hooks. These hooks are made to take a beating. Another thing Gamakatsu did was point these hooks inwards to prevent hang ups. In my experience, if you have a strong rod then you do not need to bend the hooks. All of the frogs come in different hook sizes in respect to their body size and style.
The legs on all the frogs are a living rubber skirt material. They are extra long so they can be trimmed to the desired length. Most frogs come with tricolor legs to add detail to the frog. The body on the frog is made of a super soft rubber that completely collapses to get full exposure of the Gamakatsu hooks. Each series of frog comes in different weights to allow the bait to have that perfect action. The weight is positioned on the bottom of the bait and towards the back. This allows you to cast the bait a mile and it land the right side up. Each style comes in several different colors to match whatever you’re trying to mimic. Killer Gill, Green Tree, and Midnight Walker are my personal favorites.

I truly feel that Spro has covered all the bases with the Brozneye Series frog and I hope you check them out, if you already haven’t. As always, they can be purchased from Tackle Warehouse and most local tackle stores.

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