Friday, April 12, 2024

A Missile Baits ICast recap by Tim Grein


It has been a few weeks since my last blog, and for that I apologize. I have been extremely busy with work, a death in the family, and I am now trying to get packed to leave for Lake Champlain. Since I Cast has come and gone, I think it would be a good time to look at some of the new baits and colors that my friend John Crews and Missile Baits came out with. 3.5
To start off with, Missile introduced the new Shockwave 3.5. This is the smaller brother to the Shockwave 4.25. This new swimbait promises to be a versatile and essential tool to every angler’s arsenal. At 3.5”, this bait will be a swimbait for those times, when the bait is small and bass just won’t hit larger profile baits. Many times in the fall, those smaller baitfish hit the bank, and this is going to be the perfect sized bait to catch the schooling bass that are chasing them. It will also be great for the finicky, highly pressured fish. There have been several national tournaments won in the last several years on small swimbaits on highly pressured lakes. When they want that smaller profile, this will be the ticket. This isn’t the only use for this bait though. Picture this, wind is blowing on your favorite smallmouth lake, and you are drifting a dropshot. Now, imagine on that dropshot, the shockwave 3.5” is slowly swimming through the water with the tail lazily flopping back and forth. I really don’t think I need to say anything else about this application. This bait will be DEADLY on your dropshot rig!! You better get it and try it. Not only will this be a great bait on its, own, but it will really shine as a trailer for your swim jig, chatterbait, spinnerbait, buzzbait, etc.. I am already using the larger version as a trailer, but there are times when you really need that smaller profile. The big brother is great if you want that larger profile, but if you want a more compact profile, the Shockwave 3.5” is the way to go. This bait is being released in 8 colors, and if you know anything about the colors that Missile Baits puts out, you know they are always topnotch, well thought out, and all catch fish!!

New Colors
In addition to the new shape, Missile Baits has also come out with some incredible new colors. The flagship D Bomb has 3 new colors. I think my favorite is Toxic Grape. This is going to be deadly and will prove itself a great jig trailer for a PB&J jig. Along with Toxic Grape, Green Pumpkin Flash will definitely be in my boat. The last new color for the D Bomb is Bruiser. This is the same as bruiser flash, but without the flash. Another winner!! The Baby D Bomb also received a few new colors, both of which are winners. Watermelon red, and green pumpkin with purple fleck. Need I say more?

Frosted Purple
The Shockwave 4.25 received some new bling as well, now sporting the look of Frosted Purple, and Baby Bass. The Baby Bass looks the same as the attached picture of the smaller version. Frosted Purple is going to be a great bait for clear water situations with a transparent body and light purple back. Last but not least, the Tomohawk 8.75 is also rocking the Green Pumpkin Flash. This might be my new favorite color in this bait.
Make sure you check out the new Shockwave 3.5 and the new colors that Missile Baits introduced. They really do make a quality soft plastic, and John takes a lot of pride in the colors and shapes that they release. He uses these products on the Elite Series, so if they are good enough for him, they are probably good enough for you and me. Next time I will give you a recap of Lake Champlain, and you better hold on to your hat. This is a phenomenal fishery, so stay tuned for a fish filled post.

Toxic Grape


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