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A look at the Grey Goat Spinnerbait By Bobby Saffel



Grey Goat Spinnerbait Review

Spinnerbaits are more of a confidence bait for me. I know I can get a bite on a spinnerbait when times are tough. I’ve recently been using a new-to-me brand of spinnerbaits and impressed with the quality. In this review, I will point out the high points of Grey Goat Lures Spinnerbait.


The first thing on this spinnerbait that catches my eye is the skirt. The band on the skirt is a beefy keeper that is difficult to pull down. I believe this is a plus and aids in the durability of the spinnerbait. I attempted to pull the skirt down in order to look at how it was constructed but couldn’t without fear of tearing it up. The skirt appears to have a flare band that’ll make the skirt “pop” when the bait is killed in the water. This can be good on a stop-and-go retrieve. Of the three colors I sampled, all the skirts came with a built in trailer skirt. This does help give the bait a bulkier look.


The hook is a 4/0 Mustad hook. This is a good all around hook. It has some flex meaning it will not snap easily. The hook has a trailer keeper which is a plus for me since I like trailers on all my spinnerbaits. The arms on the spinnerbaits are made of a thin wire stainless steel construction. These spinnerbaits can be fished around laydowns and pads without any issues. The slender head comes through cover pretty well and have some nice 3D eyes on the head. The blades on a spinnerbait are extremely important. I haven’t had any tarnishing issues with the blades on these spinnerbaits. When I did some research on their website, I found that they put a clear coat on all their brass blades. This appears to help keeping them look brand new. Grey Goat Lures use quality split rings and swivels in their baits.


Personally, I feel that another thing that makes a great company is variety and good customer service. While these baits are not main stream just yet, they do offer a good, stress free website. While, browsing their website, I was blown away with the number of colors these spinnerbaits come in. While, 3/8 oz is the only size they currently come in, they do have plans of adding additional sizes to fit the task at hand.

I believe that Grey Goat Lures is on the right track with their baits and have proved to be fish catching machines. They can be purchased at Give them a shot, I think you’ll be as pleased as I am.

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