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As many of you already know, in the past year a handful of our baits have taken off tremendously in the salt water angling community. Those being the 4.8″ Swinging Hammer, the 4.8″ JP Hammer Shad, the 3.6″ JP Hammer Shad, and the 4.5″ PTL Grub. And because of this, we’ve been getting hit with numerous requests to offer a customizable kit geared toward salt water species such as Red fish, Speckled Trout, Stripers, Flounder and Blues. But being that these baits already kick butt on Largies and Smallies, and being that many of our colors suit both fresh and salt water, we decided make a Custom Kit available that would please both salt and fresh water parties at the same time. So the new Custom Crossover Kit was born! 

For those of you that fish both salt and fresh, you can now crush all of the before mentioned species with just one kit. Or, get 2 Custom Crossover Kits and build one specifically for salt and build one specifically for fresh (decisions, decisions). The choice is yours!  All you have to do is choose your colors accordingly. So what’s inside this cool new customizable kit? Simmer down and I’ll tell you!


Inside each kit you get:

12 ea    4.8″ Swinging Hammers (2 trays – 6 ea)

16 ea    4.8″ JP Hammer Shads (2 trays – 8 ea)

24 ea    3.6″ JP Hammer Shads (2 trays – 12 ea)

20 ea    4.5″ PTL Grubs (2 trays – 10 ea)

8 ea Hog Tonic Capsules

All of your personal color choices, all conveniently packed in a Plano 3620 Pro Latch Utility box. Boom!  


And for the next 5 days as an introductory offer, every Custom Crossover Kit that goes out the door will be accompanied by a FREE bottle of our awesome Hog Tonic!
No coupon code needed!

Free Hog Tonic!

Build Your Kit Now!


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