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Warpath Lures Silhouette Frog Review – By Bobby Saffel


Warpath Lures Silhouette Frog Review

By Bobby Saffel

Frogs and toads are something that has always been one of my favorite ways to catch fish and many times, they catch the biggest fish in the lake. I’ll be honest, when I got my hands on the Silhouette Frog by Warpath Lures I thought “here’s another Zoom Horny Toad.” After fishing with this frog and seeing how it performed, I was quite impressed. In this review, we will discuss the advantages of the Silhouette Frog.


With any soft plastic toad, the legs make the bait. They’re the attention getters of that big bass. When you look at the Silhouette Frog, the size of the legs can move a lot of water and make some commotion. The legs are long and curl inward. This gives the bait a gargling sound and is something a little different. It’s definitely something you want when you’re trying to lure a lunker into striking. The flat top body on this toad can slide under pads without getting hung. This also aids in preventing the bait from flipping upside down during the retrieve. I’ve also learned that a small belly weight hook will also help. On the underbelly of the bait, they put a slot in the bait to help with hookups. This reduces the amount of plastic the hook has to pierce to get to the fishes mouth.


The Silhouette Frog is a very durable frog. With the Zoom Horny Toad, a couple of fish and you have a mutilated piece of plastic on your hands. The type of plastic used in this toad is very stretchy and strong. This is an awesome feature because some times, where we fish the toad can just as rough on the bait as catching a few fish. There’s enough weight in one of these frogs to be casted weightless on a bait caster and a heavy action rod with ease. While the color selection is limited on the Silhouette Frog to black, that is a go to color for me. Currently, they are offered in a 5 pack for $3.99 per pack.

Currently the Warpath Lures’ Silhouette Frog is sold at Once you get a pack, I believe you’ll be back for more.


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