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Yellow Magic Popper Review by Bobby Saffel




Yellow Magic Popper Review

Topwater fishing can be the most exciting, heart pumping kind of fishing out there. The rush of adrenaline the moment a five pounder blows up is unmatched. The popper style bait has been on the market for several years and you can pick one up at any tackle shop ranging from just a few dollars to over twenty bucks. In this review I will explain why the Yellow Magic Popper is a good choice when the bass are shallow.


Out of the package this bait spits, walks, and chugs depending on how it is worked. There is certain times when the bass want a particular action and this one can do them all to perfection. The cup design on the mouth of the bait allows it to achieve all these presentations. It has become a part of my arsenal for schooling fish and targeting shallow cover. This popper worked slowly over cover like a laydown can draw that big fish out.

When I hold Yellow Magic Popper the first thing has catches my eye is the craftsmanship on these baits. The paintjob on the poppers are unmatched. I’ve had one popper that I’ve been putting through the ringer. It’s tricked a few solid fish into biting, banged off cover, and still looks like it just came out of the package.


The popper comes with hand tied feather treble hook on the rear. I’ve yet to lose a single feather. The trebles on the Yellow Magic Popper come super sharp out of the package. I have not had any problems with bending of hooks. I often use pliers to remove the hooks from a fish’s mouth and hooks do not bend out.


The Yellow Magic Popper comes in 14 awesome colors and all but two colors come in two sizes: 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz. They have a color for every situation you might encounter. It is possible to throw the 1/4 oz model on a bait caster setup. I’ve been using a Dobyns 703c model for this and I am pleased with the cast ability and the power of the rod to get the fish coming to the boat.

The Yellow Magic Popper can be purchased at TackleWarehouse, www.yellowmagiclures.com, and select tackle distributors. If you’re looking that popper that can get those bites a regular popper can’t, then give this a try.

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