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Why You Need More Finesse with Flipping and Pitching by: TJ Maglio



Flipping means different things to different bass anglers.

Some think of 8-foot “broom-stick” rods and 65-pound braid with an ounce of tungsten at the other end. Others imagine the thrill of a boiling 5-pounder rocketing out of a deadfall. For me it will always be the anticipation of that small line tick, or the mushy feeling you get when something just isn’t right, causing you to “put the wood” to that unsuspecting nibbler.

Whatever images come to mind, it is probably unlikely that the word “finesse” had anything to do with them.

Despite the inherent “power” nature of the flipping presentation, many anglers are already implementing aspects of finesse into their flipping approach without even knowing it. Turning off a fish finder or using a push pole to move around a grass bed are forms of finessing your way to flipping bass.

Elite Series Pros Chris Lane, Randy Howell, and Kurt Dove recently shared the integration of finesse elements into flipping. Each has integrated additional ways to “finesse” while flipping  and pitching that allow them to catch more and bigger bass.

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