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Kerr Lake Fishing Report October 2014 by Jason Houchins


October Fishing Report Kerr
The chill is in the air at Kerr and it looks like we may actually have an autumn this year. With water temps slowly dropping to the low 70s, expect the bass action to heat up. Look for fish to start moving with the bait into the many creeks on the lake. Bass will begin there fall feast this month and I have a feeling it’s gonna be good!
The water is still up for this time of year compared to recent years, but still look for the same things you always do this time of year. Bait will top the list of what you need to be around, it dictates the fall bite here more so than any other time. Then of course cover is your next piece of the puzzle. Depending on what area of the lake you fish, you could be fishing predominately wood in the upper areas or grass in the lower sections of the lake. Either will produce and become better as the temperature drops this month. This time of year my three mainstays are shallow cranks, spinner baits, and my favorite, the buzz bait. You can really cover water fast and pinpoint the best areas. These fish are in a feeding mode, so they are there to eat, and the window is open for moving baits. If I have to slow down, a jig will also produce on isolated cover.
The grass is back fairly heavy in the Nutbush area of the lake this year, although it hasn’t produced as well as I think it should, it will become a huge factor soon. The bait is there and so are the pickerel, hopefully the bass aren’t far behind. You can go in about any creek from the dam to the back of Nutbush and find plenty of grass to fish, use the trio of baits to find the sweet spot in the grass. Every grass bed is different and all have an area that seems to hold fish better than others, so keep this in mind. Don’t get frustrated if it seems like the fish aren’t there, your next 5 cast could catch 5 fish.
October is a great month for fishing Kerr, the fish start to move back shallow and become more active. It also can be frustrating if you’re not in the right area, so my advice is to keep moving until the fish tell you where they are at. Once you find them, the rewards can be plentiful. This is also maybe the most beautiful month to fish the lake, the color in the mid to late weeks is amazing. I’m pretty sure Kerr in late October is one of God’s greatest masterpieces. Enjoy….

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