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Megabass Spark Shad Review By Jason Sealock


Megabass Spark Shad Review

Jason SealockPublisher
Megabass Spark Shad ReviewSwimbaits have become a bigger part of a lot of anglers fishing lure mix. Hard swimbaits and soft swimbaits both have their place, but soft swimbaits have proven to be very versatile in conjunction with other tackle. So I’m constantly on the lookout for swimbaits that can serve multiple duties in my bass fishing. I found another swimbait that meets those requirements with the Megabass Spark Shad.

The Spark Shad was designed by Megabass using input from Japanese big bass angler Tetsuya Nakamura. They wanted to incorporate a lot of attributes to make a better swimbait. I’ve found several things interesting about this design and many different uses for my own bass fishing with the Spark Shad to include the following:

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