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Lucky Craft Sammy Review by Bobby Saffel


Lucky Craft Sammy Review

In my opinion a walking bait is a bait that can produce some of the most violent strikes in fishing. With the way it glides across the water it just begs to be destroyed by a big bass. It was just a few years ago that I turned onto walking baits and that was because I was fish out of the back of the boat to a guy to was “waxing my butt” so to speak with them. Ever since then, I almost always have one tied on and laying on the front deck. There’s a ton of walking baits on the market and I love just about every single one of them, but if I had to pick just one it would be the Lucky Craft Sammy and here’s why.
First off is the banana shape. This makes the bait sit tail down when it’s still in the water. This helps with hookup because the tail hook is right there when a bass blows up on it. Another advantage of this is the bait will immediately start walking with the first twitch. This is key because when the fish are wanting a stop and go retrieve, you need the bait to start walking instead of jumping forward before beginning to walk. Also at the nose of the bait is a small cup. This can produce small spitting action if worked correctly. This becomes another attention grabbing feature for bass.


Another perk to this bait is the beautiful paint jobs. They come in a ton of different colors and the paints jobs are very durable. I’ve got a few that I’ve banged off cypress trees and docks and you can’t even tell it, however some of my most productive are the ones that look like they’ve been ran through a meat grinder!
Some things I do to make this and any other topwater perform better is to put a feathered treble on the bait, fish it on braid, use a 7.1:1 ratio reel, and use a medium heavy rod. The feather treble is important to me because it allows me to slow down the walking action. This is perfect when the water cools off and the fish isn’t as active. Fishing any walking bait on braid allows me to walk the bait with with just a small snap of the wrist. This keeps me from being fatigued after a long day. Also this gives me the force needed to set the hook on the end of a long cast. The fast ratio reel allows me to take up more slack with less wrist movement. Another way to prolong wrist fatigue when walking the bait all day. The medium heavy rod is just enough tip to cast it and fight the fish to the boat and enough backbone to get them out of shallow cover without getting hung up.

The Lucky Craft Sammy is a great choice when the bass are chasing shad it’s been a producer of big fish for me. The Sammy comes in numerous sizes and weights to fit any situation. Check out the Lucky Craft Sammy at TackleWarehouse and many fine tackle distributors.

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