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Reins Craw Tube Review By Walker SmithEditor


Reins Craw Tube Review

Walker SmithEditor
Reins Craw Tube Review

A streamlined profile and gliding falling action make this a solid choice for finicky bass.

I’ve had a lot of success downsizing my bait selection whenever I’m having trouble getting bites. Whether it’s due to a brutal weather front, excess fishing pressure on a small lake or other factors beyond our understanding, it seems as if my smaller soft plastic baits have become a productive and reliable fallback for me.

To put this plainly, I’ve been getting my teeth kicked-in pretty well for the last few weeks on my home fishery— and I’m talking big, heaping spoonfuls of humble pie. But as I was rifling through my boat the other day to salvage a poor outing, I ran across the Reins Craw Tube. I hadn’t tried it yet, but it was small and looked fairly non-intrusive, so I rigged it up and gave it a shot.

Since that day, I’ve found myself fishing with it quite often for the following reasons.

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