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Winter Time Blues… by Jason Houchins


classicLane620Winter Time Blues…
I got to be honest with you, the winter time blues have set in on this fisherman. Every year around this time I feel the tug of winter. This is usually when it gets the coldest, the air bites the most, and the ultimate realization it’s winter has set in. It is still at least 2 months before the tournament season is upon us. Two long months of waiting, planning, and visualizing the next season.
Crappie fishing can only satisfy me but so much and hunting is not an addiction like it once was in my life. So now there is this giant void. I usually refuse to bass fish during this period, for whatever the reason, without the competition, it lacks its allure. Plus I think it gives my mind a rest from a long hard tournament season. It’s kind of a time for me to recharge and refocus my mental approach. Of course during this time there are still things to do. Whether you want to shop, buy your next dream rig, or listen at seminars on how to become a better angler, this month could help with the winter blues.
January is the beginning of boat and fishing show season. This area has some of the best boat/ fishing shows you can find anywhere. These shows are affordable to go to and can really be a lot of fun for any fishing enthusiast. The two best shows in the area are the Richmond Fishing Expo and The Raleigh Bass and Saltwater Expo. These shows bring several outdoor retailers and boat dealerships to one area for a few days. And for people like me it’s like a late Christmas present.
The Richmond Fishing Expo is at the State Fairgrounds in Doswell, VA January 16th thru the 18th. This year there is going to be some excellent speakers like Bassmaster Elite Series Pros Davy Hite, Jacob Powroznik, and John Crews. You can also expect all types of boat dealers from the mid-Atlantic region to be there as well. There will also be a lineup of some top local fisherman and guides to give you that more local approach. With several boat dealerships and all the favorite brands represented, there will be something for all. The Raleigh Bass and Saltwater Fishing Expo will be at the NC State Fairgrounds from January 9th thru the 7th. This year the two headliners for speakers will be Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Davy Hite and the first man to win over one million dollars bass fishing, FLW Pro Larry Nixon. There will be more than twenty different boat dealerships there, covering your boating needs from the coast to the mountains. I’m excited just thinking about it!
So don’t let the cold weather get to you. Go out and buy you some more tackle, or buy that new Ranger boat, or just look around and dream for a while. Either way it’s much better than sitting inside and doing nothing. Maybe I will see you there, you just might cure the winter time blues, at least temporarily.

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