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What Offseason!? by Time Grein


What Offseason!?
It’s been a while since I have written anything, but that certainly doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy. It seems like the offseason has become just as busy as tournament season. Last time I left you, I was prepping for a tv show that was going to be filmed at High Rock. Roland Martin and John Crews came into town to shoot a cranking show on High Rock using Spro crankbaits. Since I have spent thousands of days on High Rock and live about 30 minutes from the ramp, I told John, who is a friend of mine, that I would spend some time on the lake and try to locate some fish for them to help eliminate dead time for them and help put together a better show. We also took some camera shots out of my boat as well. We shot the show, and I think when it airs, you will get some really good information out of it. John is a great crankbait fisherman, and provides some really good insights as to the how, when, and why of crankbait fishing. Check the Fishing with Roland Martin website for the air date.
The Thursday after we shot the show, was Thanksgiving so I did the family thing, but that weekend it was back to “work”. I had to remove my boat wrap and get my Triton cleaned up. Not that I let my boats get really dirty, but I washed the carpet, wiped out all of the boxes, and did things that you just don’t do every time you wash your boat. I got that done, took the boat to Angler’s Choice Marine so they could sell it, and starting getting things in order for the new one. First thing was to work on the boat wrap and get it finalized. Problem is, you can’t finalize the boat wrap until all of your sponsors are finalized. I was fortunate enough to add a couple for 2015, but I’ll get into that in a few. So the boat wrap is finished, now it’s time to design and order my jersey for 2015. They have to be designed, made, and delivered, before the first of the year, because shows start almost immediately after New Year’s. Everything came out great with the jerseys, and they arrived a couple of weeks ago.
Like I said, I had to finalize all of my sponsors for 2015 in order to get my wrap and jersey design finished. In addition to the companies I have worked with in the past, I am excited to be working with 13 Fishing this year. They make great rods and reels at several different price points, and even have a “Trick Shop” where you can customize your reel with various colored reel components. It is really cool and I suggest you check them out. I’ll do a product review on some of their equipment in the next several weeks. Another sponsor I added this year was Nelson Automotive Group in Martinsville, VA. They are great people and if you in search of a vehicle, give them a shout. Missile Baits, Triton Boats, Mercury Marine, Angler’s Choice Marine, Lowrance, Power Pole, AC Delco, Gill, and P-Line will all be back next year, so I’m also excited about that. These are all great companies and their relationship has meant a lot to me.
So after all my sponsors were lined up, I had to start restocking equipment for 2015. This year, that meant switching all of my rods and reels over to 13 Fishing. I had been using some of their equipment already, but needed to convert the remainder. I also had to go through my boxes and see what needed to be replaced. Lost crankbaits, treble hooks, flipping hooks, jigs, line, etc… Thankfully, I am all finished with that now.
The last thing I have to do before I am ready for 2015 is the boat. It is in, but still needs electronics. I ordered those last week, and they should be here next week. The power poles are in and ready to be installed. That leaves rigging, wrapping, and breaking it in. The wrap is scheduled to be installed the 21st of January, so that is taken care of. Not sure when I’m going to get to break it in. May have to sneak off during the week. With shows just about every weekend until March, it doesn’t leave much time. My 2015 tournament season kicks off the first weekend in March, and it will be here before I know it. Make sure to take in a trade show this winter and listen to some seminars. There’s a lot you can learn in a short amount of time. As soon as I get my boat done, I’ll have some pics. Until then, stay warm and have a good start to the New Year!!


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