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Spy Baiting with a Depth Charge Posted by Mark Bilbrey


Spy Baiting with a Depth Charge

Posted by Mark Bilbrey

DepthCharge.jpg Japanese anglers have brought a new technique to bass fishing that is perfect for clear water bass fishing in deep reservoirs known as spy baiting. Clear water like that in Tennessee Lakes such as Dale Hollow and Douglass handicap the mountain reservoir anglers simply because the bass can see what it is the anglers are up to. The pressured reservoirs in the past would get a break in winter but with float and fly gaining popularity in the South Eastern United States where bass boats buzz 365 days a year and with Spy baiting the Depth Charge a new presentation is brought to the clear water that bass have never seen before.

 The spy-baiting technique was first introduced on Japans Lake Biwa a few years ago according to anglers using this tactic. It originally consisted of a finesse approach with sinking baits similar to a Devil Horse in being rigged with 2 small propellers to produce a delicate turbulence and slight water displacement when falling in a horizontal position. However fishing with the Depth Charge from Redemption Outdoors, a realistic profile mimicking the flutter of cold water bait fish in distress is achieved, enhancing this presentation even more. The baits elongated slim profile, lifelike details, flutters to the depth the bass are holding, you simply reel it just fast enough that it will shimmy. The action of the DC is subtle but noticeable in the clear cold water. As will most cold water fishing, bass are in a lethargic state and will not chase bait very far to conserve energy. This makes boat positioning and relying on your electronics even more important.

The technique is cut and dry, just make long casts and counting down to the target depth. The Depth Charge provides a life like action on the fall as it hold a vertical position with a subtle side to side shimmy that closely resembles a shad that is dying in cold water. Once the depth is reached, begin reeling the bait slowly along keeping the bait in that depth for the retrieve. Although it is a slow sinking bait, water resistance will create lift, so avoid the temptation to retrieve the bait too fast. A higher diameter line can also lift the bait up. When fished on fluorocarbon, the sinking line will pull it down, but just point your rod tip at the lure and reel slowly, avoiding contact with the bottom. An occasional jerk upward, and then a pause on a slack line will cause the bait to fall horizontally once again.62a12c5a0a889b09410c78b1f964bca8_f1445.jpg


 Spy-baiting traditionally requires a little practice and patience but the design of the Depth Charge makes this technique less work and more productive. The choice of a smaller diameter fluorocarbon will keep the bait down longer while keeping it off the bottom. The Depth Charge is a fantastic work of art, but most importantly it will catch bass. The Depth Charge is the ideal follow-up bait in all other occasions. The slow fall “living” action of this twitch bait makes it a lure that can be fished 365 days a year and will produce.

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