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Nichols Ben Parker Magnum Spoon Review by Jason Sealock


Nichols Ben Parker Magnum Spoon Review

Jason Sealock
Nichols Ben Parker Magnum Spoon Review

If the bait is large and bass are aggressive, this big flutter spoon is a great choice for deep bass

I like big spoons. A lot. I’ve been throwing a bigger spoon than most for a couple years. I thought it was cool because it was big. But, I really didn’t know what big was until the Nichols Ben Parker Spoon hit the market last year. It came out right as anglers descended on Kentucky Lake for the FLW Tour. We talked a little bit about its impact then in our current trends article in 2014. But since that time I’ve been able to fish and review the spoons on our own.

There are several things that immediately stand out about the spoons. And it’s not difficult to ascertain that these spoons won’t be for everyone or work everywhere you bass fish. But where the bait is large, the bass are aggressive and the competition is fierce, these things are a heck of a lot of fun.

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