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The Advantage of Real-time Fishing Notifications –


The Advantage of Real-time Fishing Notifications

We’ve all had days when it seems like no matter what you try – changing lures, slowing down your retrieve, new spots – the fish just won’t bite. What if there was a way to see if other anglers on the waterways you’re fishing were having success? Find out what they were using and where? With Fishidy’s real-time fishing activity notifications, you now have that advantage!

smallmouth bass

Did you know that by following your favorite waterways and following new members, you become immediately connected to a network of real-time fishing activity? When someone records a new catch, marks a new spot, or shares a fishing report on the waterways you follow, you’ll be instantly notified through Fishidy in real-time!

Start by searching for your favorite waterways and clicking on the blue, “+ Follow” button. Doing so will add these waterways to your activity feed, and at the same time subscribe you to real-time fishing activity notifications delivered via email.

follow button

You always have full control over which types of notifications you’d prefer to receive, and how often – instantly, daily or weekly. Just follow this link, and you’ll find these options under the dropdown menu named “Email Notification Preferences.”

email notification preferences

With Fishidy, you’re in control and on top of the hot bite, in real-time!

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