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Power-Pole Blade Review by Walker Smith



Power-Pole Blade Review

Walker Smith 

These shallow water anchors are a useful and convenient addition to bass boats

I’m not a “flashy” angler by any means—I’ve never been concerned with the vanity of bass fishing. I don’t have the newest bass boat, the fastest motor or a bunch of stickers on my rig. My reels are scratched and scuffed, my rod blanks are covered in dried-up fish slime and there’s a permanent mud line on my boat from banging around the rivers of my local fisheries. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a slick fishing setup, but I just keep things simple. It works for me.

With that being said, I made a major upgrade to my boat last year. I bit the bullet, went against my relatively traditional style and installed two Power-Pole Blades on my boat. The idea has always intrigued me and as much as I frequent shallow water, I decided it was finally time to put ‘em to the test.

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