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February Kerr Lake Fishing Report by Jason Houchins


February Kerr Lake Report
February, maybe the coldest month at Kerr. Weather is the key to your success this month as is most months. One day could be snowing and the next day could be close to 60. But if you’re willing to tough it out you may be in for some of the biggest bass this lake has to offer, especially towards the end of the month. Temperatures this year seem to be hanging around the low to mid 40s everywhere on the lake. The water still has some stain in the upper reaches and is still fairly high for this time of year. The lake level has stayed around 299 and frequent rains have kept it close to full pool or better all winter.

Look for jerkbaits to really dominate this month, water temps are perfect for this to be at its most effective. Look for rocky banks close to channel swings or rip rap close to mouths of creeks or cuts. Also look for cleaner water this time of year, unless there has been a warm spell for 3 days or so, because dingy water will warm faster. While throwing a jerkbait, change your cadence and speed often until you find one that works. I have used a twitch, twitch, pause for years and the pause is always the deciding factor. The length of the pause is key and once you find that, the rewards will be amazing. I have caught fish at some painfully slow retrieves and had to let the bait pause up to a count of 15 before moving it again. Sometimes you have to wait that long to trigger the strike and other times a simple 5 count will do. Each day is different and experimenting each day is important to find out just how long you need to pause. Let the bass tell you how they want it and at what speed, I’ve been shocked at just how slow or fast I have to move the bait. Always work your bait completely back to the boat, you will find fish like to follow a jerkbait, so be ready for short stikes.

I like throwing a jerkbait on a med action type rod or a glass composite crankbait rod. The Kistler Carbon Steel or KLX medium action rip and twitch rod are perfect. I prefer 10lb test 100% fluorocarbon line and a 6.3 to 1 reel or faster. The line has small diameter, little stretch, and you can feel the soft touch that a bass makes while sucking in a jerkbait. The rod with a softer tip will keep you from ripping it away from the fish once you sweep the rod to set the hook. My favorite jerkbait is the high dollar Lucky Craft Pointer 78. It dives a little deeper and has a small profile that I love in a jerkbait. There are many others that work as well, KVD Strike King is a good one, Bomber, and the old standby Rattling Rouge jerkbait. They will all produce at times, once again confidence and experimenting will most likely help you make up your mind. Remember February is an excellent month for big ones, so don’t miss your opportunity. Bundle up, be patient, and shake that cabin fever.

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