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XCalibur XCS Square Lip Crankbait Review By Walker Smith


XCalibur XCS Square Lip Crankbait Review

Walker Smith 

This often overlooked crankbait is one of the dark horses of the bass fishing world

I’ve always found it odd that a small percentage of bass fishing lures get the majority of attention in our community. Dig into most anglers’ tackle boxes and you’ll likely find the same handful of baits and lures. But hear me out on this, folks—there’s a lot of fishing tackle that simply doesn’t get the consideration and credit it deserves.

In this case, I’m referring directly to the XCalibur XCS Square Lip Crankbait. I was cranking some shallow docks with it several weeks ago and it hit me—nobody ever talks about this lure. You don’t see it on television very often and it’s rarely reviewed by the fishing media, yet I strongly believe it’s one of the most effective and well-built crankbaits you can get your hands on.

To consider it the “dark horse” of the crankbait family would be quite accurate.

I’ve used it for years and have caught fish all over the country with it. Here’s why I think it deserves more attention from anglers.

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