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Best Fishing Games


Best Fishing Games
Fishing is one of the best loved pastimes around the world, with many enjoying taking in the outdoors by the side of a lake, river or pond. But if you fall foul of the weather, what other alternatives have you got? Here are some of the best fishing fun games:

Shimano Xtreme Fishing (2009)
Unlike the traditional fishing game, Shimano Extreme Fishing is based around sitting on a boat and feeling in a catch ñ you get the chance get your scuba gear on and use a spear and net to score a fish! But you need to be careful, as the waters are fully of dangerous alligators and sharks.

Sega Bass Fishing (1999)
Released back in 1999, Sea Bass Fishing was created for the iconic Dreamcast platform. The game was unique as players had the chance to cast a line out using the rod controller, rather than the conventional remote. The aim of the game was to catch as many fish as possible, but the bigger the better as points were scored for weight!

Fighting Fish
With the popularity of online gaming increasing with sites like, it is hard not to include a slots machine game on this list. Fighting Fish offers gamers a huge 30 pay lines so you can play on anything from one pence to over £50 every time you spin the reels. The fishy theme is seen with sea creature symbols, who take each other on at boxing! Players can win scatter and wild cards to try increase their winners and win a whole host of bonus prizes.

Mark Davis: The Fishing Master (1996)
Mark Davis: The Fishing Master first hit the market way before 3-D games were created and is one of the finest fishing games ever made. Rather than the unrealistic modern day versions where anyone can go catch a boat load, gamers have to check the weather conditions and use the correct bait to ensure they can lure in the biggest fish possible.

The Strike (2009)
Accompanied by a vibrating rod top make the game play even more realistic, The Strike is a must have for all fishing fanatics. The interactive controller will react to when you have a catch and if it is a big boy, resistance will be created to make it harder to keep hold of!

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