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Fitzgerald Titan HD Series Casting Rod Review by Walker Smith


Fitzgerald Titan HD Series Casting Rod Review

Walker Smith

Specially designed for punching thick vegetation, this bass fishing rod is powerful and ergonomic

I’m most often asked about fishing rod selection when talking to bass anglers. Truth be told, I believe you can “get away” with fairly basic rods for most applications—it’s amazing what a 7-foot, medium-heavy casting rod can do these days.

But when you’re pitching and flipping into the nastiest shallow cover you can possibly find, especially thick vegetation, all of that goes out the window. There’s no such thing as “getting away” with subpar equipment. If you don’t have a rod designed for such abuse, you’re toast. Trust me—I tried it a few times on Lake Seminole when I was younger. I was lucky to get a 3-pounder to the top of the grass mat. Even my most heavy duty rods lacked suitable power.

Lately, however, I’ve been testing one of these highly specialized flipping and pitching rods. I had heard a lot of glowing reviews about the new Fitzgerald Titan HD Series. These folks weren’t just Joe Blows, either. These evaluations were coming straight from the mouths of Florida grass fishing authorities.

So guess what? I couldn’t help but test it out and see what the fuss was all about. After using it for months and putting it through its proper paces, you can color me impressed. It’s a sure enough womping stick, as we call it in the South.

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