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Gamakatsu TGW Nano Finesse Treble Review


Gamakatsu TGW Nano Finesse Treble Review

Walker Smith

These bass fishing treble hooks are incredibly thin, but have very little flex and retain sharpness quite well

I’ve always been very intrigued with lures that require treble hooks. It started at an early age and continued to develop into my career in the fishing industry. Given the choice, I’d rather catch a 5-pounder on a crankbait or topwater plug over a jig any day. Maybe it’s the added difficulty of landing a big bass on a set of trebles or perhaps it’s because I like to cover water quickly. Either way, it gets me fired up.

I was talking to Aaron Martens this past fall at a writers conference and he was telling me all about the new Gamakatsu TGW Nano Finesse Treble. He’s been working on the development of these hooks for quite some time and we were able to “nerd out” together about their design and applications. Needless to say, I was intrigued and made certain to try ‘em out when I returned home.

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