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Missile Baits D Bomb Review by Bobby Saffel


Missile Baits D Bomb Review

Taking a soft plastic and punching vegetation is a way of producing some of the biggest bites on the lake. If you’ve done it, you know it’s not a numbers game, but a quality one. A plastic bait constantly getting drug through a small hole in thick vegetation created by a 1oz or larger tungsten weight is sure to tear up a bait, not to mention the thrashing a bass can do. If you want to replace your bait after every fish or every 50 flips then look else where, if you want something that can hold up for a long day of fishing then give the Missile Baits D Bomb a go. This bait is quickly becoming a favorite of mine and here’s why.

Like I mentioned in earlier, the durability of this bait. I’ve been catching some fish on this bait and haven’t have to change it after every fish. To me that’s a plus. Let’s face it, most baits aren’t cheap and to be able to get the most bang for my buck is a winner. Most fisherman don’t have 10 plus packs of one particular bait and color in their boat so being able to have one or two packs of a bait last all day when the fish are really biting is a great thing.
Missile Baits have done an awesome job with the designing of this bait to keep the hook point from sliding through as the bait wears down. Also they designed the nose to made sure there’s enough plastic for the bait keeper to rest on without tearing itself up. The flappers give off enough action but not overpowering. The ribbed body makes it feel extremely soft when pressed down. This mimics the feel of live bait and I believe gives that extra second to set the hook. They also serve another purpose and that’s added vibration as the bait comes through the water. This helps the fish find and key in on the bait in dirty water.

The D Bomb comes out of the pack with a great scent. The oil that they use helps the bait slide through the vegetation easily and seems to stick with the bait for a while. The colors schemes on these baits are great looking. The D bomb comes in 14 colors with Bruiser Flash, Toxic Grape, and Watermelon Red being personal favorites. Six baits come in a pack

Get this bait a try next time your punching, I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I am. Get your at most trickle retailers and TackleWarehouse.


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