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Beaver Lake Day 4 Coverage


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7:00 a.m.: Cool, overcast conditions greet the field, and the bite is on in Prairie Creek

It’s about 54 degrees right now in Rogers, Ark., with overcast skies and a light wind. Apparently those are the perfect conditions to spark a good bite in Prairie Creek.

For those who don’t know, takeoff is in Prairie Creek, but the marina is situated a little bit closer than halfway to the mouth of the creek. There’s an off limits area around the marina. Anglers can either idle toward the mouth and run to the main lake or idle back and then run into the creek. Every year, the back of Prairie Creek is one of the most popular community holes on the lake.

This year has been no different. Today, Cody Meyer, Matt Arey, Bryan Thrift and Tracy Adams all went into Prairie Creek to start the morning. Thrift caught one on his first cast. Adams already has three, including one fish that he thinks weighs 3 1/4 pounds. Meyer has a 2-pounder in the boat.

Most years, a few of the top pros use Prairie Creek to get a few fish in the livewell before hunting bigger bites. It looks like that program is in play again right now.

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