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June 2015 Lake Anna Lake report by Chris Craft



EVERY WEEKEND in JUNE  from 6am-11am
$100 Entry Fee – No Membership Fee
Contact Chris Craft or Dave Fauntleroy at Fish Tales
540-895-5900 ext 5 

Contact Dave Fauntleroy for details  540-840-6772

The first official day of summer is not until June 21, but you can’t tell by the humidity, air temps and afternoon thunder storms!!! The weekend summer crowd is here and the fishing is really heating up as well. The top water bite is in full swing for both bass and striper and many times can be found in the same areas. 
Bass–  The bass are full blown post spawn now and are aggressively taking top water baits early in the morning. Look for them to be chasing Blue Back Herring for the first couple of hours in the morning. Damiki MTB NOISY BUZZBAITS, DAMIKI RAMBLER WALKING BAITS, PAYCHECK BAITS REPOMAN WALKING BAIT. DAMIKI D POP, DON IOVINO SPLASH IT POPPERS ans a COTTON CORDELL BROKEN BACK REDFIN are all great choices for exploding top water action. After the top water action slows down it is time to pick up a shakey head or wacky rig. Fish boat docks, rocks, bridges and brush piles. Shakey Heads rigged with Zoom Trick Worms, Deep Creek Lures 6″ MT Worm & finesse worms work great. Green Pumpkin, Watermelon and Junebug are very popular colors that work great. Look for the fish to be in 6-12 feet of water for most of the month.  Towards the end of the month, most of the fish will migrate to deeper water, sometimes even more that 20 feet.


CRAPPIE– The Specks have moved back out to the bridge pilings and deep brush piles for the summer. The best way to catch them will be with small-medium minnows rigged on a slip bobber. They can be found anywhere fro 10-25 feet of water. Do not look for the to return to the shallows until fall when the water temps start falling into the mid 60’s. STRIPER– Look for the striper in the mid lake region down to about Dike 1 all month long. At first light you can find them chasing bait fish and can catch the on top. Walking baits, Broken Back Redfins and jerkbaits will all catch fish. After the morning feed is over, look for schools on your electronics and drop Toothache Spoons to them. 

Trolling is also becoming very effective as the summer draws closer. Deep Diving Redfins with a bucktail trailer, Bill NOrman DD22’s and BPS LEC 15’s are all great baits for trolling. 

For the anglers that want to use live bait, Blue Back Herring is very plentiful this year. You will need to get out before daylight breaks and hang lights to attract the bait. 


Lake Level- Full Pool
Water Clarity
Up Lake- Stained
Mid Lake- Clear
Down Lake- Clear
Water Temps
Up Lake- upper 70’s – low 80’s
Mid Lake- upper 70’s – low 80’s
Down Lake- mid 80’s


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