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Switching My Approach by Jason Houchins


Out of Commision by Jason Houchins

June 8,2015


Out of commission for this entire weekend with a pulled muscle in my back has given me time to reflect on the not so great year that I’m having and what changes I can make to turn it around. It has also slowed me down and help me realize what’s important in my life, fishing is not everything but it is very high on my list of loves. It’s very apparent that it is much easier to write about stuff when things are going great. It’s also very apparent that it is much harder to write about failures and shortfalls, it forces you to face reality and that’s tough to swallow sometimes. I have a real hard time knowing a big tournament is going on just down the road and I’m not competing in it. Although I still say everything happens for a reason and this misfortune has a purpose. I think it’s time to reevaluate my approach at tournaments.
I have been one that believes you need to fish as many tournaments as possible to get better at it, so that’s what I do. This year has me rethinking my philosophy quite a bit. After talking with a few guys that I know who always seem to be pretty successful in tournaments, I’m really going to try and change my approach going forward. I’m beginning to believe you need to pick a goal or two, and strictly concentrate your time and effort towards those goals. I have never approached a season that way at all, I like to go with the wind so to speak. I think the level of competition and the expense of fishing is increasing every day, and I need to adjust in order to have more success. I honestly believe I have spread myself too thin and it has cost me confidence, time, and money. So I need to change something to save the season so to speak. At the least I need to try and adjust and find a medium that works for me.
Two of the anglers I respect the most Kurt Dove and Brandon Gray seem to have this approach down very good. They set a goal or two before the year begins and that’s what they work for. They will totally focus and work towards those specific goals. Instead of fishing the jackpot event, they will go practice at the destination of their next goal oriented event. Not to say you can’t add a tournament or two along the way, but they are focused most on the initial goals they set. Most people will read this and say, duh that’s what you’re supposed to do. I just feel like everyone is different and you can’t always plan out everything to be a success. As much as I try to structure myself at work, fishing is totally opposite to me. I love the feeling of just winging it in tournaments and where it takes me on any given day. But ultimately to me it’s about competing, and in the bigger events this season I have been absent. I need to change something moving ahead.
This week I will head to High Rock for the next Piedmont BFL. I will practice a couple of days for this event and I hope that it pays off. If you’ve read any of my articles before, you know I don’t put very much faith into practice. But I’m not real familiar with High Rock and I need to feel comfortable going into the event. I have no history there and nothing to hang my hat on, so I will fish my strengths and enjoy my time on the water. Hopefully this will begin to get me on track for the push towards the last half of the season. I’m definitely looking forward to the challenge and attempt at a different approach. But the one thing I thing has lacked the most this year is the “JOY” of tournament fishing. That may be the most important thing that needs to happen first. That’s ultimately why we all do it, because we love and enjoy it. Hopefully I will find myself enjoying this week and ultimately getting back to being more successful.

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