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Strike King Hack Attack Flipping Hook by Bobby Saffel


Strike King Hack Attack Flipping Hook

By Bobby Saffel


I’m just going to throw this out there, the Strike King Hack Attack Flipping Hook is the best hook on the market in my opinion. I’ve tried several different brands and sizes, but now that I’ve found this hook, I won’t be using another. In this review I’ll explain why this hook is at another level than any other hook I’ve used.


I fish with heavy line and stiff rods. The drag is usually locked down and dang near it. When I break down the mechanics of flipping I need to be pull the fish out of nasty cover as soon as possible. In order to accomplish this I need everything to work as it should. Any flipping set up is only as good as it weakest link. If I have a weak hook, that’s going to be my weak link and will lose fish. Especially when you stick that double digit fish.


This hook is made my Gamakatsu and has a nice barb behind it. The point is nice and sharp and seems to last for quite a while. I haven’t had any issues with points rolling or becoming dull. I’ve been using the same hook for a few months now. I’m impressed with it’s durably. Another thing I’ve noticed is the nice finish and it ability to resist rusting. In the hot, humid Louisiana heat I was losing more tackle because of the humidity, than snagging something and not getting it back. These hooks have managed to stay very nice and new looking in my tackle box and that’s been about three months. Also the thickness of this hook is amazing. I’ve yet to bend one out, which is a big problem for me.

A personal preference of mine is the hard plastic bait keeper. I am not a fan of the wire ones because they slip down after a few fish. This leads to missing fish for me. The hard plastic keepers do tear the baits up more than the little wire ones, but in a tournament situation, I’d rather lose a few more baits than lose a check. If your not a tournament fisher then maybe this isn’t for you. I want to use the best whether I’m in a tournament or not because on some of my local lakes, the next bite could be a new personal best and I don’t want to risk losing that just because I want to be cheap that day. It’s food for thought.

The only thing I wish Strike King would look at is the eye. It’s not a welded eye. This has not been a problem for me in the past with other brands, but so far no problems. I personally would feel better with a welded eye. Just being safe I suppose. It is a very small gap, if any, so that may be their reason for not welding it.

The Strike King Hack Attack Flipping Hook comes in three sizes from 4/0 to 6/0. They can be purchased at TackleWarehouse and select tackle distributors. Get ya some, I bet your flipping will improve.

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