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September 2015 Lake Anna Lake report by Chris Craft


September 2015 Lake Anna Lake report
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OCTOBER 25, 2015

2015 Anna Point Marina / Fish Tales Angler Appreciation Tournament
Presented By Dubby’s Fishing And Hunting

Anna Point Marina and Fish Tales proudly announce and welcome Dubby’s Fishing and Hunting ( as the Presenting Sponsor for the 2015 Angler Appreciation Tournament.

Dubby Carr, owner and avid tournament angler, is a friend of the marina and also sponsored last year’s inaugural event with a lucrative prize pack. Dubby’s Fishing and Hunting will provide Custom Event T-Shirts to commemorate the exciting 2015 event. Dubby will also provide another fantastic prize pack to be given away again this year.

The Anna Point Marina / Fish Tales Angler Appreciation Tournament is the highlight event of the Lake Anna Bass Tournament Season and this year’s affair should be spectacular, especially with Dubby’s Fishing and Hunting on board as the 2015 Presenting Sponsor.

When you see Dubby on Tournament Day, please give him a big shout out and thank him for his generous support. Dubby’s Fishing and Hunting is located in Harrisonburg, Virginia and has quickly become the premier Sporting Goods Shop in The Shenandoah Valley. With their knowledgeable and friendly staff, Dubby’s is the place to go for all your fishing and hunting needs in the Shenandoah Valley.

Thank you, Dubby, for coming on board and we are honored and thankful to have you as the 2015 Presenting Sponsor

As we say goodbye to Summer with the upcoming Labor Day weekend, the fishing will start to get much better as September goes by. This is a major TRANSITION MONTH, at the beginning of the month September will fish just like August. Slow, Tough and at some times Non Existant. As we move toward the middle and the end of the month, cool nights will bring the start of the Fall Bite to the lake and you can expect Bass, Striper and Crappie to become more aggressive and a little easier to locate and catch.

Just keep in mind that the weekends throughout the month will
still be busy with boat traffic from folks trying to get the last bit of summer in before fall gets here, but during the week will be OUTSTANDING!! GOD LUCK & SEE YOU OUT THERE!
Bass- The bass will still be in full blown late summer patterns for the first half of the month. Forget about the top water bite until the latter part of the month, fish slow and look for deeper water (10-14 feet) with good cover in it. Deeper boats docks, brush piles, points that drop off quickly with lots of sumps on them, the key is to find the areas that have the most bait around them. You will want to have four baits tied on, a shakey head, a jig, a deep crank bait like a Spro Rock Crawler or Rapala DT10 and a drop shot for the more finicky days.

As the month starts getting past the half way mark, the bait and the bass will start to move to the creeks. Look for the in the middle towards the back of major creeks, they will move closer to the backs as the month comes to a close and October gets closer and the water temps really begin to drop. You can also break the top water baits back out and start catching schooling fish early in the morning with walking baits like the Paycheck Baits Repoman and the Damiki Rambler, Damiki MTB Noisy Buzzbaits (on schooling fish the Natural Shad color is hard to beat) and soft jerkbaits like Damiki Armor Shads and Zoom Super Flukes.

After the top water slows down break out the search baits, my favorites are a 1/2oz Rat-L-Trap or a 1/2oz Dave’s Tournament Tackle Tiger Shad Spinnerbait. Put the trolling motor on 75% and cover lots of water, if you catch two or three fish in quick fashion from a small area (no more than 50 yards) slow down and turn around, you may have just stumbled onto a WOLF PACK!

Both early and late in the month, you should be able to find willing fish uplake in the North Anna Arm hiding deep in the Willow Grass. The latter part of the month they will be more aggressive. With the current lake levels, you will need to find the deeper grass with water still on the edges of it. I prefer at least two feet. Crankbaits on rock will also start t produce as the month comes closer to the end. Over on the Pamunkey side, look for them on boat docks and rock piles in 5-15 feet of water. Shakey Heads, crankbaits and jigs are my lures of choice on this side!

CRAPPIE- The Specks are holding very tight on the uplake bridge pilings and deep brush piles at the current time. Anglers have been fishing after dark lowering LED LIGHTS into the water to pull the crappie and baitfish up to a shallower depth and have been doing very well with small minnows. As the water starts to cool down towards the end of the month, they will start to move towards the shallower water following the bait fish, this is when you can and will find them on boat docks with many willing to chase and take Kalin 2″ Curly Tail Grubs.
STRIPER- At the current time there is a large number of Striper located around the 208 Bridge corridor all the way up past the Splits. Trolling Deep Diving Redfins with Buck Tail Trailers and DD22’s have been producing well for many anglers. Toothache Spoons have been putting numbers of fish in the boat for anglers willing to chase the deeper schools around and vertical jig. For the folks willing to get out of bed really early and get to the lake before daylight breaks, they have been hanging lights around the uplake bridges and catching live bait in the form of Blue Back Herring and Peanut Gizzard Shad (4 to 5 inches)

As the month gets closer to half way, you will be able to find schools chasing baitfish to the surface early and late in the day. Broken Back Redfins fished slowly waking the surface works great. Other top water walking baits will work, but a lot of exciting blow ups and misses with the true top water walking baits. The Broken Back Redfin is a SUB SURFACE bait that only dives about one foot with your rod tip down, they typically do not miss this bait and you still get the excitement of a top water strike!!!!!!!

Lake Level- 15″ Low

Water Clarity
Up Lake- Stained
Mid Lake- Clear
Down Lake- Clear

Water Temps
Up Lake- upper 82-87
Mid Lake- upper 83-86
Down Lake- upper 83-87
Dike 3- 89

Chris Craft
Anna Point Marina
Fish Tales
540-895-5900 ext 5

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