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WA Cox & Brian Hall Win Castaway 2015 Classic September 27,2015


We had a good turn out this past weekend with 15 boats. It was a wet weekend, but the fish were biting. Congrats to WA Cox and Brian Hall for winning the championship. They took first with 21.72 lbs, Harris/Wood finished second with 21.64 lbs and had Big Fish on day 1 with a 4.74 lb large mouth. Third went to Davis/Milam with 20.90 lbs and Orange/Walker had Big Fish on day 2 with a 4.88 lb large mouth. Congrats to all that participated and stuck it out through a wet weekend. Our next tournament is an OPEN at Smith Mt. out of the state park. It takes place on Saturday, October 24th from 7 to 4PM. Put on your calendar the William Campbell Band Fundraiser Tournament on Saturday, November 7th from 7 to 4 PM out of the state park at Smith Mt. Thanks.
P.S. – Sorry to Davis/Milam and Layne/Lambert for the mix up and thanks for understanding.
WA Cox/ Brian Hall –   21.72 lbs
Harris/Wood –   21.64 lbs   Big Fish (1) – 4.74 lbs
Davis/Milam –    20.90 lbs
Layne/Lambert    – 19.84 lbs
Funk/Perez   – 19.64 lbs
Justin Tyree   – 18.04 lbs
Millner/Langford   – 17.82 lbs
Orange/Walker   – 15.80 lbs    Big Fish (2) – 4.88 lbs
Ian Hall   – 13.48 lbs
Slagle/ Stachowiak   – 12.58 lbs
Eagle/Thomas   – 12.54 lbs
Fulwider/Cassell   – 10.38 lbs
Coffer/Coffer   – 9.34 lbs
Dalton/Rowland   – 7.44 lbs

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