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Abu Garcia Black Max Casting Reel Review by Walker Smith


Abu Garcia Black Max Casting Reel Review

Walker Smith


Although it’s priced at just $49.99, this bass fishing reel is actually quite lightweight, strong and smooth.

The perceived high cost of bass fishing often intimidates novice anglers. We watch the pros on television and we think that, in order to catch a bass, we need every piece of equipment they have. If you’re just looking to catch a few bass or maybe win a few hundred dollars in your local jackpot derby, there are some affordable and practical options out there.

I’ve been testing the Abu Garcia Black Max Casting Reel for several months and to be quite honest, I’m a little taken aback by how well it has performed. This reel is priced at just $49.99 and I’ve found it to be an excellent and affordable option for anglers on a budget.

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