Thursday, May 23, 2024

Mike Iaconelli teams up with Flambeau Outdoors to co-design X-Treme Tackle Storage line


MIDDLEFIELD, OHIO – Teaming up with Bassmaster Elite star Mike Iaconelli, Flambeau Outdoors is reinventing the conventional tackle tray with a new design offering unmatched possibilities for creative customization and a ramped-up dose of anticorrosive Zerust: the result is the Iaconelli co-designed X-Treme Tackle Storage (XTS) line.A completely customizable battery of small internal boxes replaces the traditional divider system found in conventional tackle trays. These divider boxes allow anglers to mix and match as needed. They can be swapped out or completely removed to create a bulk storage area anywhere in the box for items like pliers, bags of soft plastics, extra-large lures and line spools. Internal box dividers stay in place even when adjacent dividers are removed to create bulk storage. Divider boxes come in four sizes and are completely interchangeable throughout the line.


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