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Fishing the Bullnose Jig/Craw D’oeuvre Combo by Power Team Lures


Fishing the Bullnose Jig/Craw D’oeuvre Combo


Whoa whoa whoa! Did you just say you’ve never fished a jig??? Really???” Tell any experienced jig fisherman that you’ve never fished a jig before and you’re more than likely to hear those words – followed up by a headshake in disbelief. And there’s a good reason for it too.


Jigs are responsible for ungodly amounts of fish and can be used in a variety of conditions from ice out to ice in. They’re also known for producing big bass – really big bass. Now don’t get me wrong, a 12 incher will suck them down too, but there’s something about a jig that really appeals to the big girls.


As for versatility, you can pitch them, flip them, punch them, cast them, swim them, hop them, and drag them. The more ways you learn how to fish them, the more lips you’ll pierce. One thing’s for sure – you’ll never hit the water without jigs once you learn how to fish them.

One of the coolest aspects of our Bull Nose jigs is their size. They’re the perfect “in between” size of a full sized jig and a finesse jig – yet they’re as tough as nails. They’re built to winch fish out of whatever cover you throw them in…period. Tip the Bull Nose Jig with a Craw D’oeuvre and you have a presentation that appeals to every bass under the sun – so be prepared to give your jig rod a workout.


If you looked at 100 serious jig fishermen’s jig boxes, you’ll find they all have a wide variety of colors to suit all conditions. But regardless if they fish clear water or dirty water, or what part of the country they live in – one commonality you’ll always find is the color black/blue (unless of course they keep secrets in a separate box…which many of them do).


We’re no dummies either. As a matter of fact, we keep a variety of black/blue shade combos handy to tackle any water or light conditions that can arise. The results…success on the water.

If you’re a seasoned jig fisherman, I don’t have to explain the combos shown in this article. But if you’re a newbie to jig fishing – well, there’s a damn good reason why the seasoned jig fishermen keep these color combos under lock and key. Soon you will too.

Don’t worry…your secrets are safe with us 😉

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