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5 Must-Have Lipless Crankbait Colors by Walker Smith October 27,2016


5 Must-Have Lipless Crankbait Colors

Walker Smith

October 27,2016

This simple color guide is an excellent starting point for choosing the most productive patterns to match the conditions.

Lipless crankbaits are a major player in the bass fishing arena; they’ll cast a country mile, you can retrieve ‘em at any speed and most importantly, big fish have a hard time resisting them. But with the endless color choices in today’s market, it’s hard to narrow your choices and avoid spending a bunch of money. So where do you start?

That’s what this guide is for. Will other colors and patterns catch fish? Absolutely. But this is a great baseline from which to make future color selections when you’re buying lipless crankbaits.

You simply cannot go wrong with these colors.


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