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First Look: V&M Flatline Pacemaker Football By Walker Smith December 1,2016


First Look: V&M Flatline Pacemaker Football Jig

Walker Smith

December 1,2016

Several of this football jig’s design elements make it a great option for fishing a wide variety of deep cover and structure.

Football jigs are incredibly effective tools when you’re targeting deep, offshore bass in both the winter and summer months. While finesse presentations are perhaps a more popular choice for anglers, a bulky football jig has a tendency to catch better quality in my experience.

I’ve had an opportunity to tinker with the V&M Flatline Pacemaker Football Jig for the last several months. It’s much different than many other football jigs I’ve fished; several of its features make a lot of sense and have helped me catch a lot of nice bass.

Below are my thoughts on it.


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