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First Look: Storm Arashi Vibe Lipless Crankbait by Walker Smith December 8,2016


First Look: Storm Arashi Vibe Lipless Crankbait

Walker Smith

December 8,2016

This new lipless crankbait is much quieter than many we’ve tested, which has resulted in a lot of bites from skiddish, clear-water bass.

Lipless crankbaits are one of the simplest, most effective lures an angler can use throughout much of the year. They cast like a bullet, they get a lot of bites and can be retrieved in a number of ways. Many of the lipless plugs I’ve tested in the past few years, however, haven’t really impressed me—they sound the same, swim the same and look the same.

I’ve been using the new Storm Arashi Vibe this season and it’s a unique addition to my collection. If you like chucking a lipless plug around your local fisheries, I think it deserves your attention.


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