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Award Winning Trapper Hooks Arrive in Time for the Holidays



The Wait is Over

Award Winning Trapper Hooks Arrive in Time for the Holidays

Palm Beach Gardens, FL (December 13, 2016) – Following back-to-back Best in Show awards in terminal tackle at ICAST and the Pitman Creek Fall Dealer Show, the anticipated Trapper Hooks are now available at designated sporting goods retailers across the U.S. and Canada.

Co-Founder, Larry Davidson, conceived the “Trap” in Trapper Hooks which features a box shaped design at the base of the J-curve that keeps soft plastics and live or dead bait locked in place to improve their natural presentation.  “Without a doubt it improved lure and bait presentation, but when we realized how many more fish we were hooking and boating, we knew this was a superior hook design.  Anglers of all experience levels can significantly increase their catch with Trapper Hooks.”


Former Bassmaster ELITE Series Angler, Vince Hurtado, has extensive experience with the power of Trapper Hooks.  “The big difference I notice when using Trappers is the hookset. The immediate penetration of the Piercing Point, coupled with the way the unique Trapper box design locks fish on, means more fish are flopping on the scales at the end of my tournament day.”

Now anglers across North America can experience the Trapper advantage firsthand.  “It has been remarkable to see how positive every angler that has field tested our hooks has responded”, notes George Catuogno, CEO of Landum Outdoors.  “Every angler, bar none, that has fished our hooks has come back with great excitement and confirmation that we have a game-changer.  You couldn’t ask for better validation.  It’s exciting to finally see our Trappers available in stores.”

Simply stated, Trapper Hooks help you land more fish.   Offered in 5 different technique-specific styles and a wide array of sizes, the award-winning Trapper Hooks offer distinct advantages and are AVAILABLE IN STORES NOW!





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