First Look: Lew’s APT Speed Fluorocarbon Line by Walker Smith – December 22,2016


First Look: Lew’s APT Speed Fluorocarbon Line

Walker Smith

December 22,2016

Did you know Lew’s makes fishing line? We’ve been using this fluorocarbon for quite a while and so far, we think it’s a respectable line that deserves some consideration.

Lew’s makes outstanding fishing reels and their newest rod models are excellent as well—but I didn’t quite know what to think when I heard they were making fishing line. But I know how uncompromising their people are, so I took a chance and started using it for a few months.

I was pleasantly surprised with the product. I primarily tested the 12-pound Lew’s APT Speed Fluorocarbon with reaction lures and I’ve had some really good luck with it so far.

Here’s what I think you should know about it.