First Look: Z-Man Big TRD By Jason Sealock 01/23/2017

The Z-Man Big TRD is a staple among tournament and recreational fisherman alike already / Jason Sealock

Midwest finesse and “dookie”rig fishing is getting more options from Z-Man.

Ned rigging has really caught on with popularity the last several years not only with recreational anglers who just want to catch fish wherever they go, but also with top professional bass anglers needing to fill a limit every day in top bass fishing events. While the original Z-Man T.R.D. has been extremely popular, anglers have been asking for a size a bit bigger for the application. So Z-Man recently released the Big T.R.D.

Big doesn’t really describe anything in a finesse application, but the Big T.R.D. is in fact quite a bit bigger than the original plastics folks have been throwing on the Ned Rig.

The larger Big T.R.D gives anglers a little more profile, and the ability to use a big bigger head for fishing deeper and slinging it farther under cover like floating docks, pontoons, over hanging trees. In fact I found the Big T.R.D actually skipped quite a bit better than the original.